Conscious Sound Healing Academy is small team of sound healers and yogis that want to share all the gifts they have received through Sound Healing with the world. This happens mainly through Live Trainings, Online trainings and recordings but also other modular retreats and experiences. At the same time though so many other process are taking place. To name a few:

Conscious Sound Healing Academy is part of a wider initiative to reawaken the true potential of Sound Healing for human beings.

Sound Healing was offered to humanity at a much brighter and connected time for the planet earth. The potential that it has for the evolution of human beings remains largely untapped to this day. Freedom, Joy, Health, Abundance, Clarity, Harmony are natural states for the human being but the process of life at the dense regions that Earth has been through removed us from our natural state. Sound Healing has the power not only to remove our worries and make us feel better for a little while but to achieve this re-unification with our natural state in a more permanent way.

We connect the west with the east, science with spirituality, love and wisdom, the male and the female principle, the left and the right brain hemispheres.

We are all approaching a single higher truth from different paths. The West has developed a more practical, scientific, left brain hemisphere approach and the East a more spiritual, right hemisphere of the brain approach. Both approaches have great advantages but also disadvantages. On their own they are not enough for harmony to happen. Love without wisdom can leave us exposed to pain and leave us drained. Wisdom without love can be cold and harsh. To achieve harmony we need to find the middle way by marrying these principles inside and outside of us. This is possible by focusing not on how they can be conflicting but how they are facets of the same truth and their synthesis allows for a much fuller and grander picture.

We are part of the change to realign our approach to Sound Healing with its original intention.

Having reached a better understanding of the nature of the universe and of how the human being operates in it the original intention of Sound Healing was to free the human being from energetic, mind and body blockages that are created through the life process. So we want to practice Sound Healing to heal ailments but also to become better at living.

We bridge the gap between yogis and sound healers

It is time now to bring this consciousness that yogis and sages have conquered to the sound healing rooms, the yoga classroom and to everyday life. It is no longer necessary for most of us to take the mountains to attain this kind of clarity and wisdom but it is increasingly necessary not only to attain but also to manifest through it our work, our raising of children, designing our communities, making decisions to name a few of the life processes that require our attention for a new life to be possible for more of us.

We cultivate a new breed of sound healers

Our mission is to share this old but newly rediscovered aspect of Sound Healing and to help cultivate a new breed of Sound Healers so that they can share it with others in communities all over the world. In no way we feel alone in this but we also answered the calling to be active agents of change towards a more conscious and peaceful world.

We offer a solid ground for personal growth

A map was given with all the steps for personal growth to happen harmoniously. We honour these ancient maps and the steps have remained unchanged in the same way that the nature of the human beings has remained unchanged.

We offer the tools to deal with obstacles in the path

To remain stagnant is no longer a viable option. Let us change our ways and although it might seem challenging at times it is by far the easiest path take and with the right tools and guidance we can navigate safely through the different obstacles.

We offer a high vibration environment for growth to happen

We go to the sound healer and we leave feeling light and peaceful only for a phone call or the loud noises of traffic to take away our serenity. The analogy would be of a business woman that finds herself often in a state of worry having a massage twice a week. What is possible in a high vibration environment is not to remove the body aches that worry creates but to address the source of the worry. The energy, mental, sentimental, body processes that are happening that are no longer in the interest of the human being.

We demystify Sound Healing

We are living at an amazing time where spirituality, Sound Healing, Yoga, philosophy and humanitarian sciences like psychology are converging to the same conclusions. We no longer have to choose whether we want to be spiritual or scientific, to work with the right hemisphere of the brain or the left. The dogmas of the past that created division are collapsing. We can now choose to resonate at different levels with the truth that lies inside of us and the synthesis of the two hemispheres of the brain is a path that lies ahead of us.

We facilitate for a detoxification and healing process

A holistic approach could not leave out a healthy approach to nutrition, mindfulness, proximity to nature and other natural remedies. This is the environment for natural and effortless healing to happen.