Our values

Joy. Although any personal growth and self-realisation process should not be taken lightly, this training along with everything else is part of the Cosmic game, the Lila, according to the yogis and sages. We try to take things lightly and to add to the learning process plenty sprinkles of joy and humour. Let us all become smile millionaires.

Trust. We trust our guidance and we trust the process. Although there is a set schedule that we try to keep we will follow the flow and we will make adjustments to suit the best needs of the class.

Simplicity. Simplicity is a virtue. We make things as simple as possible without losing any of the sacredness and magic of the process.

Love. We are aligned with the principles of Karma Yoga and we offer our love in action, our service without any attachment to the end result and without personal attachment.

Truth. We share our truth, our experiences aligned with the highest truths of Yoga for those that are ready to receive them.

Happiness. Let us not seek a shallow and short-lived happiness that comes from the outside world but a much deeper, more subtle and permanent happiness, a eudaimonia, that exists inside each and everyone of us. The nature of happiness and joy is that it wants to spread. It is in that light that we want to share this with the world.

Truthfulness. We will make every effort to answer questions and teach in the most truthful of ways. It is OK if we can’t answer on the spot and we will look to find the answer for you as soon as possible.

Non-violence.  We communicate, act and teach in full compliance with non-violence. Every perspective has its place and it is honoured as such. We strive to bring and share new perspectives to the class with the authority of our own experience and that of the ancient sages and yogis but always respecting everyone’s opinion and freedom to defend and maintain their own points of view.

Inclusiveness. We are all one. We strive to share the highest truths and ideals of Sound Healing and we respect all true teachings, teachers, students and paths.